CBD oil starts at $30 for 500 mg



Topical products for beauty or skin care start at $18

Topical products for pain start at $35

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Dog Products

Treats and oil made just for dogs starting at $25


Cat Products

Catnip infused oil made just for cats starting at $22



Gummies starting at $5 for 25 mg, 10$ for 50 mg

Chocolate for $22 for 150 mg of fast acting nanoparticle CBD

Hard candies starting at $5 for 25 mg


CBD Capsules

Capsules start at $15 for 25 mg each for a total of 100 mg


Vapes and Concentrates

Refillable vape pens start at $20

CBD vape juice starts at $35 for a 30 ml bottle with 250 mg of CBD or

$10 for a fill up of selected juices. With the purchase of a new refillable vape, the first fill is included

Disposable Cartridges start at $25 for 250 mg

Vape Pen Batteries range from $8 to $15

Concentrate pens start at $30

Concentrates start at $40 for 1 gram



Coffee in decaff and regular starting at $28

Soda for $7 for 25 mg of CBD

Water for $5 for 7 mg or $7 for 25 mg

Loose leaf tea in single servings for $7 for 7 mg or seven servings for $28

This is not an online store. The information here is to help give a starting price for our products. Orders can be placed for shipping through our Facebook page or through calling our north location at (260) 483-7575.